Every Moment Remembered

Late last Thursday night I drove to the airport to pick up a dear friend who has shaped my very being. We met online long ago...during a pivotal time in my life and we formed a deep connection. Our friendship has spanned the years...but most of that time we have spent apart. Separated by oh so many miles. But distance just doesn't matter with Becky.

Our long awaited reunion was about to take place. And as the van got closer to the lights flying overhead...I prayed.

"Oh Jesus...please make time stand still this weekend. Let every moment be remembered."

Three years apart...and it felt like we had never left each other.

She makes me laugh so hard I cry. She has the most adorable southern accent. She is an an amazingly gifted artist. She sings and it brings me to tears. She is family. She is my soul sister.

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