stayathomegypsy copy.jpg
  1. I could eat watermelon every day.
  2. And spring rolls with peanut sauce.
  3. I have my pilot's license.
  4. The redwoods have my heart.
  5. I was a photographer in the Air National Guard for 6 years.
  6. I don't wear socks to bed.
  7. I have one tattoo, a small butterfly on my ankle.
  8. I'm obsessed with snorkling.
  9. I adore Jesus. But I'm not your typical "Christian".
  10. I love reading. But never fiction.
  11. And mostly on my Kindle at night in bed.
  12. Matt told his friends he was going to marry me 30 minutes after meeting me.
  13. I adore flags of all kinds. Especially prayer flags.
  14. I love birds. Feeding birds. Watching birds. Analyzing birds.
  15. I played basketball, softball, tennis, and ran track in high school.
  16. I was also a cheerleader.
  17. I make a mean moscow mule.
  18. If you hug me, you will smell patchouli.
  19. I've been to HoopCamp in Santa Cruz, CA.
  20. Yes, like summer camp for hula hoopers.
  21. I still have my wisdom teeth. The dentist wanted them, but I said no.
  22. I grew up in Iowa.
  23. I have a degree in graphic design & photography.
  24. Before I decided on that, it was commercial aviation, and then elementary ed.
  25. If you handed me a $100 bill, I would take you out for sushi.
  26. I don't like arbitrary rules.
  27. Confession: I like paper towels.
  28. I love the movie Top Gun.
  29. My dad was a Top Gun pilot.
  30. Yes, he is awesome.
  31. Speaking of parents, my mom used to hand sew all of our Halloween outfits.
  32. For 5 kids. She is awesome too.
  33. I like to say the word sh*t sometimes. Try it, it's fun.
  34. Breakfast on Saturday is eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Made by my Matty.
  35. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. I blogged about it here. 
  36. I feel most like myself barefoot on the beach.
  37. I was an expert marksman in the military.
  38. Favorite movie series: The Bourne Identity
  39. I roast my own coffee beans.
  40. When I want to laugh, I watch James Corden's car karaoke.
  41. My earliest memory is telling my mom I did NOT want a brother.
  42. Matt and I met when he was studying to be a youth pastor.
  43. I have given birth to all three of my girls at home in a blow up tub.
  44. We traveled the entire country in an RV that ran on straight veggie oil.
  45. My perfect day would be: spa day with a friend, bookstore perusing, then out for sushi. 
  46. We have owned 11 campers/motorhomes/trailers in the past 10 years.
  47. I love yoga.
  48. Essential oils make me crazy happy.
  49. I like to wear bracelets. LOTS of them at one time.
  50. Succulents are my favorite plant ever.