In The Backyard

And now from the back patio! One of the things that sold us on this house was the great patio off the back and the big french doors that opened to it from the kitchen. We LOVE eating outside and have thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with friends and family out there so far. Now that we're back in Longmont, we're just minutes away from our good friends Kris and Natalie...which makes us very happy!

We've had fun with my family...and we look forward to Matt's mom and my sister coming out in June after Baby J is born! More deck fun to be had...

We have a nice little yard with a's already been used several times and we love it. You can see Bella using the Sky View's our new favorite thing to outside at night.

A light weekend lunch in the sunshine...

And some hammock time with Daddy!

We love having the space to run and play...

...and kick the soccer ball! Bella is starting soccer next week and she couldn't be more thrilled. In my next post, I'll show you another addition to our backyard that the girls are crazy about :) Happy Spring everyone!


The Blue Chairs

I have such happy memories of sitting on the patio at my grandparent's house. Lunches with Grandma...while listening to the mourning doves sing and admiring her beautiful gardens. Wind chimes blowing in the breeze.

My grandparents have since passed away...but I was able to bring these two pieces of happy into our home. A little part of my history. My sweet Matthew sanded them down and re-painted them for me and I couldn't love them more. Grandpa would be so proud...he always took such good care of everything he owned. They are the perfect shape and they have the nicest rocking motion. And they match my rug :)

I have a little crush on front porches. I love driving through lovely neighborhoods and checking out their chairs. And the flower pots. And the twinkly lights. And now we finally have own very own. I love sitting out here, sipping kombucha, and watching the world go by. The girls gleefully ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk, stopping to draw with their chalks and blow bubbles.

I have big plans for our  little porch. A quirky side table. Hanging flowers. I can't wait until the leaves come out and we're surrounded by green! More delights. But it takes time to layer all of this love. A work in progress...starting with two blue chairs.

Art at Clementine

This week we spent a few hours at Clementine Studio in Boulder. They recently offered a Living Social coupon for 5 sessions and I thought it looked like fun!

It's an open space art studio where the kids can pick and choose their creative adventures with all the supplies accessible and everything at their fingertips. They also offer art technique classes for 5-10 year olds...I think Bella would really enjoy that, so next time we'll check out that option.

I loved the paint wall...and so did Lucy.

The printmaking station was also a favorite. I got lots of ideas for our art time at home!

Lucy LOVED to wash her hands in the wash bucket.


Bella was in her element...creating over 10 pieces of art to take home! I loved seeing her so focused on whatever she was creating.

More great!

Little sweetie.

Sisters creating together.

At the end of their session, Lisa read them several stories and handed out pretzels to the hungry artists. A fun way to end our time there! The girls can't wait to go back.