Pinterest: Collect and Share

I've seen people talking about it. I've watched them jump on the bandwagon. Saying it's the coolest thing to come around in awhile. I was skeptical. I didn't need another place to waste time on the web. But I was wrong. And they were right.

I love Pinterest.

What? Yes, I's a weird name. But it's awesome.

Pin·terest (pĭn’trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love.

There are two reasons I am online.

1. To inspire others. 2. To be inspired.

Pinterest covers both of those in a beautiful and fun way. I can spend 2 minutes browsing the boards and leave with my heart exploding with joy. Now that's something worth checking out!

My profile page is here. I've just started...but give me time and I will pin, pin, pin! :) Come join in the fun...let's see what inspires YOU!!

*note: at this time, you have to "request" an invite, but the turnaround is quite speedy.





DPP '10 // Magic

One of my favorite things about staying at my parent's house: the morning hours. The busyness of the day has not crept in yet...and we can sit together and just enjoy the dailyness of life. And in the dailyness of life...there is magic.

The way my mom's hand look as she sips her coffee. The way Lucy looks at her Nana. The sparkle of the Christmas tree. Bella's pink cozy pajamas. My dad making breakfast.

Enjoy the magic you see today in your own life.