Knitting it Up

I've been having a blast knitting knitting knitting! Here is a cowl that Bella started and I finished. Super chunky and yummy.

Of course, Lucy had to get in on the action. So I whipped one up for her too! She would check in with me every 10 minutes to feel it and say "....oooooh squishy!!". The chunky wool is so fun because it only takes a few hours to finish something like that.

Here is my first coffee cozy...knit up for a mama friend. I love how it turned out!

AND THEN...I went to my very first knitting gathering! Although I had to drive all the way to Iowa for it! :) This last week, we took a last minute trip to Iowa for 8 days while Matt was working on a remodel in North Dakota, so I took full advantage and gladly spent a lovely evening with the "Natural Parenting Fiber Artists".

Lisa graciously hosted. Lisa has lots of yarn. LOTS. And she's a great knitter. You should check out her very funny blog, Meanest Mommy.

It was a VERY serious night.

I am putting all of my projects up on my Ravelry page...and will have a few more to add soon. Thanks to all of you who added me as a friend! I've been having fun checking out all of your yarn goodies.

I've been knitting on straight needles and in the round,  using some yummy yarns, trying new things and learning along the way. It's good exercise for my mama brain.


Weekending :: knits, greens, and painted skies

Basket of Love
Basket of Love

The weekend is coming to a close...and it was lovely. On Friday, we spent some time with friends in Longmont. On Saturday, Matt went snowboarding in Vail with my brother and his friends, and today we checked out a new church in Boulder and really enjoyed it.

Some favorites from the weekend: my newest passion is in full swing...and I'm LOVING it! It's so fun to take a piece of string and make something pretty with it. I so look forward to finally sitting down in the evening and knitting for an hour or so.

Winter Sunrise
Winter Sunrise

The sunrises have been phenomenal lately...this particular one took my breath away! (photo is SOC/no filtering! Just the God filter :))

Green Bliss
Green Bliss

Yes, more green! :) This one was + lemon + kale. So simple, but so delish. Trying to get lots of greens in every day...mostly in whole foods, but juicing is fun too.

27 Weeks
27 Weeks

Oh, and as a side note, I'm still very pregnant. At 27 weeks, I'm just entering the 3rd trimester...and feeling larger by the day. And emotional. And sore. And ready to meet this baby! Let the final countdown begin...

Bits of Life

We had a wonderfully productive, purging, & re-organizing. It's so amazing to me how different I feel when I have clear spaces and an uncluttered life. Oh what joy! If you want to declutter your life, but have no idea where to begin...check out the 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp. This is the perfect "kick start" for your decluttering resolutions :)

This little space is right off of our kitchen...I like to call it my "mama cave". I just hung some white twinkly lights and added more fabric for diffusing the sun. I like to keep white Christmas lights up year round! Here is a great compilation of spaces that do the same (including my friend Denise's bedroom).

I finished my first "wearable" knitting project this weekend! What a thrill. It's so fun to get it off the needles and realize that all that work ends up in something beautiful. This cowl is so warm and softer than anything I've ever felt! For those of you that are knitters, I used Mirasol Ushya in cornflower with a size 17 needle.

On another note, it was my 5 year dreadiversary yesterday! I will be writing about it soon. The rainbow-colored dread on the right is wrapped with the yarn I used for my first knitting remember the journey!

Next up...a scarf for Lucy's new baby "Ali".  I have another cowl in the works with the most amazing yarn that seems to be sold out everywhere. The Malabrigo Rasta's so fantastic! I was able to find the arco iris color at the yarn shop in Bozeman when we were there...and now I wish I would have bought more! I LOVE Piedras as well.

Here is what it will look like :) Delicious.

Helping Daddy is so much fun! We had a little snow over the weekend...and Lucy enjoys any excuse to get out into it. It's always fun to get snow on the weekends when Matt is home...we snuggle in by the fire,  make yummy food, and enjoy the change of scenery together.

We had a birthday party for Baby Ali...complete with play dough cake. So sweet to see my girls take care of a "baby" I know they are preparing their hearts to welcome the real thing :)

My mom and dad gave me this bible study for Christmas and I can't wait to start it. Most Beth Moore studies are done in small groups, but I'll be doing this one self-paced and using the downloadable online videos. Looking forward to being challenged!

I enjoyed a huge green smoothie yesterday after not having one for MONTHS! I go in and out of craving them when I'm pregnant. This one had banana + peach + pineapple + water + spinach. For those of you new to green smoothies, here is my "how to" video and you can purchase a Vita-Mix from me here.

* * * * *

And I write, I'm listening to Bon Iver. Thinking I might go knit something. Or read a little bit. Right after I put my babies in the bath and to bed.

Enjoy your evening...xxoo

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