Snow & GROW!

We woke up this morning to a soft blanket of snow. And then it just kept snowing. And snowing. And snowing. It's still coming down. The moisture is much needed we are rejoicing! Matt took the day off, and we've been enjoying a slow snowy spring day.

Last week at the library, I got a little over zealous in the documentary aisle. There was no way I could watch all the DVD's that I checked out before they came due...but as today unfolded, I had high hopes for choosing ONE to watch.

The documentary I chose is called "GROW!". I've been watching it in small snippets throughout the day...and I am a bit SMITTEN. I'm only about 1/2 way through it, but I just knew I had to pass this one along to you.

The description reads: "GROW!" profiles a new crop of idealistic young farmers who have turned to the fields for a more fulfilling life, driven also by a strong desire to change how our food is grown. There is an emerging movement of young people, both women an men, who are leaving the cities to take up an agrarian life. Not happy with their current lives and what they see as a broken food system, they  aim to fix some of the current shortcomings by growing and distributing food locally and in a more sustainable manner.

Filmed on 12 different farms during an entire growing season, GROW! provides an engaging and inspiring look at this next generation of farmers through the eyes, hearts, and minds of 20 passionate, idealistic and fiercely independent young people In the film, they speak of both the joys and the challenges involved in tending the land, and what it takes to be successful as a farmer.

You can find them on their blog here and on Facebook here. Spread the word about this awesome film! Have you seen it?

I'm still on my mad hunt for knowledge and information. We're loving Alaska: The Last Frontier and I'm all caught up with The Fabulous Beekman Boys.This one looks interesting as well.

What are your favorite documentaries or shows about farming/self-sufficiency?

Sharing Knowledge

This is my friend Michelle. I like to call her the "Crazy Goat Lady"...but she is much more than that.

She is a mentor, an encourager, a fellow unschooler. I am so thankful that she and her husband Tim have graciously allowed us to come hang out at their farm and learn. She is so patient with my newbie questions and happily shares her knowledge. All of my goat paparazzi photos have been of  her goats...with a few that will soon be OUR goats!

As we were leaving the farm recently, she brought out a large box of magazines. I'm somewhat of a magazine "enthusiast" so my heart started racing pretty fast at the mere sight of it. Back issues of Mother Earth News, BackHome, Backwoods Home, Home Power, Acres U.S.A., Hobby Farms, Live Free Learn Free (out of print)...pretty much a homesteader's dream box.  So much information to be consumed! *said breathlessly as I throw them all in the air...commence slow motion movie with pages floating down all around me as I spin, backlit by the sunset*.

And perched on the top of them...two dozen eggs from her hens for me to purchase. The happiness never ends!

Apparently it's impossible for me to post a blog without a goat photo. I couldn't help it. She is just too cute.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging: I'm a researcher. I LOVE the feeling of new information in my brain! :) It's been quite awhile since so MUCH new info was being introduced on a daily basis. It's gooooooood.

There is nothing that compares to hands-on, face-to-face mentoring...but magazines, books, and websites are great sources of inspiration and info:

Here are a few I like right now:

New Life on a Homestead (having so much fun peeking around this site...lots of archives) Homesteading Today (everything under the sun!) The Goat Spot (for all you crazy goat ladies...) The Chicken Forum (chick chick chick!!)

I kind of feed bad for hoarding all the good chicken, gardening, homesteading, and goat books from the library. Kind of. But obviously not enough to return them yet. Sorry Longmont friends!

Now that I've had a chance to peruse all of these books, I thought I would would compile my favorites in an aStore for you. When you click on these and purchase, I will receive a small part (as an affiliate payment)...and that helps me pay for keeping this blog active. I will keep adding to this list...if you notice that I am missing something amazing...let me know!

ATTENTION! If you are a farmer, a homesteader, or a wannabe...I would LOVE to hear about your real life mentors! People you have walked alongside, whether it be family or friends or teachers...tell me what sparked your passion! Share your story in the comments below! Also, if you are a homesteader interested in guest blogging about your journey, let's talk :)

Please also share your favorite resources for learning about farming (urban or rural) and homesteading. Let the knowledge sharing begin!

*p.s. for those of you wondering if Sara will ever blog about "normal" stuff again...the answer is yes. someday. stay tuned. :)

Goat Paparazzi

Goatie FaceThis face has captivated me. I will never be the same. Goats have a way of making every day brighter!

Last week we visited Tim and Michelle's farm so we could meet Cloud and Clover. At this point, I'm feeling a bit like I'm 33 weeks pregnant...waiting that last 7 weeks until they finally come live with us at OUR farm!

Checking it all out It was so neat to see how the farm works...just little things like where the goaties like to sit and what they eat. It filled my farmy heart.

Get Er Lucy wasn't quite so sure about curious Cloud...but she warmed up quickly!

Smiley Cloud and Clover are Nigerian Dwarfs...but after meeting the funny and affectionate Nubians, we put in our order for two Nubian babies that will be born in a few weeks!! Just like that, our goat herd just doubled to FOUR! I think I might be in big trouble...

Gaggle 2

I love how they follow each other makes me laugh!

Saying Hello

Beautiful barn light.

Goatie Sillouette

All ears.

Three A lovely trio. The Nubian in the middle is our future goat baby mama, Scarlett.

chick chick chick Good chicken watchin'.

bella and the chicken copy Bella is a natural..she was MADE for farm life!

Oreo Oreo the llama struts his stuff.

sunshine goats What's up?!

Walker and the Chicken A boy and his chicken.

Friends Farm buddies hanging out.

New blog coming session with  2 - day old goat babies!! Wait until you see them! Eeeeeep! Goat papparazzi in full effect. And you thought I was obsessed with chickens? ;-)