Deck Love: Bringing The Cozy Outside


I'm excited about going home for SO many reasons. But as I ponder what I am anticipating the's definitely OUR DECK & the early morning quiet of the mountains. I love sitting out there all snuggled up in a quilt...a steaming cup of yerba mate (with almond milk & a ridiculous amount of raw honey) in my hands, incense burning, and my Bible. And squirrels. I love them.


Remember when my friend Natalie gave us all those awesome tips on "Creating an Outdoor Space You Love"? Now it's time to put those ideas to work! 


We did spend lots of time living out on the deck last year...but never invested the time necessary to create a space that we loved. 

image.jpg immediate goal upon returning is to turn our 900 sq ft deck into an oasis of color, cozy, and calm.  It's currently a blank desperate need of Jansseification! And this is where YOU come into play. I want to hear your favorite deckscaping ideas! Link me to your favorite Pinterest boards and favorite stores! I'm looking for:

  • Rugs: Layered? Colorful of course.
  • Couches/seating: I'd love an awesome & comfy couch and coffee table. Maybe a wraparound. I totally love this.
  • Twinklelights. So many.
  • Flags!! Some may say I overdo it. I say nonsense. You can NEVER have too many flags!
  • Windchimes. You either love them or hate them. And I'm a lover.  
  • Hanging flowers and succulents (so my chipmunk friends can't destroy them like last year!) 
  • Eating space / table: there is nothing better than eating outside! And no, there aren't many bugs where we live! And yes, Colorado IS perfect.
  • Play area: maybe an outdoor kitchen?
  • Birdfeeders (Did you know I'm a crazy bird lady? Yep.) 

I will be scouring the thrift stores and garage sales for fun things as well....that's one of the big things I've missed while being in the road too!  Can't wait to show you the process...15 days and counting!


9 Months of Adventure

Whew! Can you believe it? 9 months. We set out in September with prayers soaring and big dreams to change our life and now we've seen all of those dreams come true! We're excited to settle back into our HOME in the mountains of Boulder (mid-May)...and enjoy all of that remodeling we did last year! 

Our essential oil business has completely transformed our future plans...and we have some pretty fun ideas up our sleeves. If you've been wondering what it would look like to join our TRIBE, click on over here to see what it's all about! Our leaders are experiencing big changes in their lives as's so fun to be a part of it!

As many of you have noticed...I didn't blog much these past 9 months. When I get busy living and loving life, I tend to "blog" over on Instagram instead. So if you've missed any of that, check it out here. But I thought it would be fun to chat about some of the highlights of our trip (as pictured above!).

Filling in the Map: We have now visited 47 states! We're just missing Rhode Island, Alaska and Hawaii. I've actually visited Alaska back in my military days, but not as a family. What an amazing thing to look at a map of the U.S. and have memories and friends in almost every single place across the country. We are so deeply grateful for all of those experiences...we will forever have gypsy hearts because of it.

Matt & Sara Go to Jamaica: Whaaaaaaat?! This was hands down the most amazing thing we've done in a long time. It was THE FIRST TIME we had ever left the girls overnight in 11 years of having children (thank you Nana & Papa!). We spent 8 days and 7 nights in Montego Bay at an all -inclusive resort...completely paid for! It was so fun to spend time with our friends and experience a much needed re-connection with each other as well. We fell in love with each other all over again...AND with the Caribbean! We already have plans to go back as a family later this year. I'm slowly conquering my fear of the ocean and now I want to do ALL THE SNORKLING!! **share your favorite snorkeling spots in the comments please!**

Oh California: People ask all the time what our favorite state is...where we would go over and over again. It's California. We spent a lot of time there this go-around. San Diego, Encinitias, Oceanside, L.A. Malibu, San Francisco, Petaluma...just typing those city's names makes me happy. We spent the most time in Oceanside at a sweet little RV park by the ocean. It was only a few blocks from the ocean and some of our friends camped with us during that time. It was a blast. Several of the images above are from our time in Cali. Cuz that's where my heart is. Love it.

Have Kids, Will Travel: It's been a very different experience this time around, as we've had THREE kiddos and TWO doggies with us on the road. It's always a circus around here...and we like it that way! :) We're always looking for fun excursions and things to experience as we travel. Some of our favorites were the Monterey Bay Aquarium (always a fave!), Redwoods, learning to surf, and seeing a pod of orcas up close (on our beach in Oceanside!). And then of course...just exploring cities together...on the other side of the U.S. Asheville, Nashville, Detroit,'s been a whirlwind!

As I type this, I'm soaking up the sunshine in "my office". Listening to the birdies and coaching my team. Loving every minute of our life. Even on the hard days. And yes, we have hard days. In fact, we've had our fair share this year. But God is so gracious and His love for us shines SO BRIGHTLY. Brighter than any darkness or hardship. And did I's so good to be almost HOME! Weeeeeeeee!

Home Sweet Rolling Home

Matt took a little flight up to Montana last weekend and picked up our new home. It's a rig that we've had our eye on for months...and right at the last minute, all the pieces fell into place. We sold the Safari to the amazing and brilliant Makenna Johnston during a serendipitous late night FaceTime chat. Matt was on his way north a few days later!

Why a different RV? Well...let's just say that after owning so many (this is #11) we have refined exactly what we are looking for in a rig. Especially in an RV that we will be traveling in full-time with 3 kiddos and 2 dogs. If you're still trying to catch up with our life plans...we rented out our mountain getaway for the next 9 months while we travel and spread the love of essential oils! Our renters are fantastic...a couple of park rangers. One that happens to be a bear tracker, which is perfect since Mr. Friendly Neighborhood Bear is very fond of our house.

This is a 2003 Alpine Coach. Yep! Our third Alpine. We absolutely LOVE these coaches. This one is barely broken in with an odometer reading of 24,000! The key selling points were the full-size washer/dryer, full-size residential fridge, and the huge family bedroom area. The closet that we will turn into bunks is super wide and long. Perfect for 3 growing girls. Speaking of 3, it has 3 slides as well. Two in the bedroom and one up front. We will make it cozy for now...but won't be doing the full remodel until this spring when we park in Texas for a spell. 

So there ya go! We've been a bit busy around here. So many details take care of before we head down the road. We have 72 hrs before our renters move in and we still aren't fully packed up. But we do work well under pressure. If you need us this weekend, we'll be taping boxes, drinking coffee, and playing in the snow (yep! it's snowing up here as I type!). 

Let the fun begin!