I could sit in one place all day long and browse Flickr. Being a photgrapher, this site is infinitely entertaining and interesting for me. You can find photos of anything your heart desires. Click on Explore and check out some of the most popular searches. Comment on other's photos. Add some of your own! You can add "tags" to your photos that will enable you to search your own photos easily, and find other's photos too. When you have a Flickr account, it acts as kind of a "photo blog". You life, captured in photos. You can join groups and have others comment on your photos and find people who love the same stuff as you do. For example, I like to take photos of my food. And of my tea. And of my coffee. And of weird things. I found out that lots of other people do too!

There is just something mesmerizing about photos. Capturing the exact moment of an emotion...pure bliss.

And yes, I do have real friends and a life outside my computer.