Kansas City and Kristin

Earlier this year I went to see my friend, Kristin, in Kansas City. I just now got around to uploading the photos. Here are the photos of our fun.

A few weeks ago, I made another trip down to spend time with her while Matt was in Scottsdale. Photos here.

It's always wonderful being with Kristin...she is a beautiful soul. We also love the exact same things. We are sisters.

We went to Lawrence. We ate Thai food. We drank tea. We went out for coffee. We talked about Jesus. We watched Miami Ink. We played on the Internet. We cooked. We laughed. We hugged. We rode around in the bus. We watched a movie...possibly one of my favorites. Can you guess what it was? Here is a hint:

"I like to look for things no one else catches. I hate the way drivers never look at the road in old movies."

We have the best time whenever we are together. This last time, I was there for 5 days. That's a long time to spend with anyone you aren't related to. I loved it though...because once you get past the first couple of days, you just get to live life together. Meals, emotions, bedtime, etc...the "daily-ness" of our lives. When you can be together in the mundane daily routine, and you still love each other, that is true friendship. One that will last a lifetime.