Colorful Groceries

It's so fun to go grocery shopping when you have pretty bags to bring your food home in! My counter was brimming with color today...I just couldn't help but take a photo. If you've never made the switch to cloth grocery're missing out. But don't stop at groceries! Bring them to every store!

My most recent find was cloth produce bags. Instead of using all of those flimsy plastic bags in the produce aisle, you can use these great organic bags. My favorite places to get bags: Reusable Bags Ecobags

I prefer the bags with long handles. I think they are easier to can put them over your shoulder, or tie the handles in a knot and carry them like a traditional plastic bag. These bags stretch and can hold an amazing amount of food. They won't break. Of course, you don't have to get fancy string bags. Cloth tote bags from the thrift store work perfectly fine too! There are so many bags with company logos, event logos, etc. on can snatch them up at any Goodwill.

Go cloth!