The Compact

In our quest to pay off debt faster, we are thinking about joining "The Compact" beginning in October. Here is an article about the original group. And their blog. I have another friend who is doing it too...she actually is the one who got me thinking about it again. Everytime I've heard about this movement/group, it has appealed to me. I love a good challenge. Especially when it comes to consumerism/reducing/reusing/recycling. Even if we don't do it will still create the mindfulness about spending/consuming that we so desire.

Lately, I've found myself getting so laid back about spending...and once I start that, it's really hard to stop. However, because I am such an all or nothing person, I swing easily the other way. Once we decide to do something, I will go to GREAT lengths to maintain whatever it is that we are doing. So, at this point, we are just considering it, but it sounds like a great addition to our debt reduction plan. Anyone care to be my "Compact Buddy"?