Tale of a Garage Sale

This was the last one. We've had 3 garage sales this year and I don't ever want to accumulate enough STUFF to necessitate a garage sale ever again. It's not that we didn't make any money. We did...probably over $1000 for all 3 sales. I just don't really enjoy the preparation process... pricing things makes me crazy, the sitting and waiting for people, the packing it all up. I can think of 100 better things to do with my time. My plan is to donate, eBay, gift, or Craigslist in small amounts so I don't have to have a "big one" again.

I am not saying I won't GO to garage sales. I love going to them. It's amazing what you can find. My friend Natalie and her sisters are professional garage sale extrordinaires. Amazing. I love the hunt...especially if I have something to hunt for. The thrill of finding that long awaited item is beyond compare. Of course, if you go with a friend who has the same taste as you...you better be ready to race to the driveway!