Handy Dandy Drying Rack

This is a common sight in our living room. We've started to air dry our clothes. This handy dandy drying rack holds smaller items, jeans, Bella's clothes, etc. and we hang shirts on hangers and hang them on the shower rod. You could also use a retractable line like this. Or one of these beauties. By hanging our clothes to dry, I am accomplishing several things:

  • Our clothes last longer when they aren't dried in a dryer. Less shrinking, fading, etc. Dryers break down elastics, distort the shape of clothing, and they eat socks! Because the clothes last longer, you don't need to buy them as often...thus saving money and time.
  • Less energy consumption...the dryer is one of the worst.
  • Saving money ... $1.00 a load.
  • Eliminating static cling
  • Cutting down on ironing
  • It causes me to realize how many clothes we actually own and makes me want to downsize our wardrobe even more. It's a more purposeful experience...as I take each item, one by one, and straighten it, hang it, dry it, and take it off.

Stop using your dryer today!