This weekend marks the last Farmer's Market in Des Moines for this year. There will be two more "winter markets" indoors, but the REAL farmer's market is over. This makes me sad because I LOVE the Farmer's Market. I love the people watching, the food, the atmosphere. I have created many rich memories with friends and family walking the streets of downtown. I am giddy with excitement when I think of one of my favorite rituals... getting my soy caramel latte from Java Joe's. Java Joe's is a local establishment that has a great vibe. Their baristas are fun and diverse...there are always tattoos to check out and dreads to behold. Getting my coffee on Saturday mornings is one ritual in my life that brings me happiness. My tea ritual, my bedtime rituals...they are all part of who I am. I believe that rituals are so important...to bring order, to bring comfort, to bring expectant joy. Rituals are especially important for children, and we strive to have them in our family. Family dinners, reading familiar books, having nightly rituals. At the same time, we enjoy being free-spirited and take part in spur-of-the-moment activities. Ritual does not mean a loss of spontaneity in your life. Ritual is life!