Celebrity Green

I subscribe to very few magazines, but one of my favorites came this week. VegNews is packed with great recipes, vegetarian news, fun interviews, and more. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fabulous article on Daryl Hannah and her efforts to promote green living and other social issues. She has a website with "mini-documentaries" that I have fallen in love with. Each little movie is so rich with information. She covers a wide variety of topics...from bio diesel to hemp to bike culture. Go check it out for yourself! Another celebrity that I have come to love is Woody Harrelson. Woody isn't afraid to speak the truth, and I think anyone who is actively trying to educate others about living "greener" and more simply deserves respect. I first learned of his activism when I found the documentary "Go Further" on Netflix. The film shows Woody's bicycle trek down the West Coast. He makes stops along the way to educate students and anyone else who will listen about bio diesel, the sustainable uses of hemp, deforestation, raw foodism, and more. There are tons of "extras" on the DVD, including a little clip of Julia Butterfly Hill, whom I also admire. You can check out more of his work at his website, Voice Yourself. If you decide to watch the movie...you will also love the companion book, To Go Further: A Guide to Simple Organic Living. It's a favorite on my bookshelf.