Low Impact Week

Greetings from the middle of Nebraska! We are at camp this week, and I am without a consistent Internet connection. I wanted to quickly post this reminder about Low Impact Week, which begins on June 1 and runs through June 7. Here are a few specific tips from Crunchy Chicken to get you started...please check her site out for more information.

For those of you who want to be more "green", but don't know where to begin, this "challenge" is a great starting point. You can do ANYTHING for one week, right? Just choose one item from each category (on her site) to start...and hopefully after that, some of these habits will remain for longer. Be sure to report your progress here (and on your blog of course!).

You can also check out Greenpa's Planet Party (yes, Greenpa is the guy who doesn't have a fridge!) and the ladies at Simple Living and Casaubon's Book are hosting Lowering 93%. It's so encouraging to see this grassroots movement taking place...everyone's little actions add up to BIG CHANGE!

I'll be starting to blog more again after June 5...see you then!