Thinking Blogger

Thinking Blogger Award

Thank you to Alina at The Closet Environmentalist , Cat at Making It Home, and Steph at Adventures in Babywearing for presenting me with the Thinking Blogger Award! If you nominated me and I didn't list you...please email me and I will edit this!

So now...I am required to list 5 blogs that make me THINK..and those that I nominate are supposed to nominate their own five. It's so hard to choose just five...I could list 20 (see my blogroll!) but here goes:

  • Casaubon's Book: Thoughtful, intellectual writing. Really great stuff. Be prepared to spend awhile there.
  • Living Plastic Free: I'm always on the lookout for people that are doing "radical" things that I haven't attempted yet. This blog really opened my eyes. Plastic is everywhere.
  • Simple Living: A blog that encourages action...especially her newest challenge.
  • Making Home: An amazing Christian woman tackling the hard issues. A lot of fun reading on her site.
  • Simplicity Soup: Rachel is beautiful on the inside and out. Her posts make me smile and sometimes I wonder if we don't share a brain.