Live Lightly: Spread the Love Tour

On the Road

Hello friends! I've been gone a long time...but I'm back with a really exciting announcement! Matt, Bella, and I are going on tour! We have recently purchased an RV that will run on straight vegetable oil, and we are going to travel around the U.S. for the next year.

Wait a minute! Did you say veggie oil?! Yes. FREE waste vegetable oil...the same kind that your eggroll was fried in for lunch. Pumped straight from behind your local Thai/Chinese/Fast Food restaurant into our tank (filtered of course). I am writing this post from Springfield, MO, home of Golden Fuel Systems. Golden Fuel Systems converts any diesel engine to run on veggie oil...and we are so excited to be a part of this alternative fuel movement.

BUT...I NEED YOUR HELP! We have a rough route mapped out...but we want to base our travels on YOU! I would love to come and meet you face to face...and also have you assist us in finding green/sustainable/alternative fairs, coops, and other educational opportunities in your local areas. We are going to be looking for companies/organizations to sponsor our educational tour as well.

While we are on the road, we will still need to make some money to live. I am going to be scheduling photo shoots in each area that we stop in. For those of you that could assist in getting the word out in your town...I will give you a significant discount on your own photos. You can see some of my portrait sessions here. I will also be available to help you simplify, downsize, and/or decorate your homes! Matt will assist by doing any handiwork/painting around your house.

If you are interested in adding your town to our tour...please contact me immediately and we'll start talking details! We are planning to leave in late August/early September.

We just launched our new website today with many more details of what I have just shared... and we will be detailing the entire journey on that site. Check it out here:

Wheeeeeee! We are so excited to hit the road!