Earth Party

Community Eats

Summer is the perfect time to eat outside and create community. I love eating with friends...and eating OUTSIDE with friends is even better. However, summertime is notorious for creating mounds and mounds of party trash. My friend, Rebecca, is throwing a "Stop Global Warming" Party this month. What a great way to create awareness and have fun! I encourage all of you to throw your own "Earth Party"! Here are a few things you could incorporate:

  • Encourage party-goers to ride their bikes, walk, or carpool.
  • Have everyone bring their own non-disposable plates, cups (or water bottles) and utensils.
  • Have speakers from local environmental groups (Rebecca has the Sierra Club Student Coalition coming to hers)
  • Make it a vegetarian potluck...meat production is a huge problem for the environment!
  • Serve organic, raw fruits and veggies
  • Have a tree planting ceremony
  • Send invites by email to avoid paper trash

Have a great time at your Earth Parties...I'd love to hear how they go!