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As the Live Lightly Tour launch gets closer and closer…Matt and I are increasingly aware of our need for additional income! :) That is probably the most frequently asked question…”how are you making money?”. Well, this is where your help is needed. We are continuing to do photography and odd jobs while on the road…but it’s proving difficult to maintain a steady income. To supplement those professions, we have partnered with a company, Shaklee, that has wonderful, earth-friendly products for home and body. We’re going to be selling them while we’re on the road…and the great thing is that you can buy them directly from our new Shaklee website and support the tour in that way. Their products and their company values align nicely with what we are all about…and that is, helping people make healthy choices for the earth and for their home/body. They make it easy to be green!

Click here to see the “Get Clean” natural home cleaning line. They also have high-quality vitamins for kids and adults, and lots of other cool stuff.

Matt at Groovy Green did a nice little test and review on the Get Clean line. Read his opinions here.

The Get Clean line is getting lots of media attention…Shaklee in the News.

The other cool thing…Shaklee has “zero impact on global warming by offsetting 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions. For this innovative environmental leadership, Shaklee became the nation’s first Climate Neutral Certified company”.

If you are interested in our tour, and want to help us educate others about sustainable and simple living…PLEASE help keep us on the road! If you are already a Shaklee user…PLEASE start buying from our site! If you have been trying to figure out how to be “more green”…this is a great first step. You can even buy the entire line as a “kit”.

Other ways to help: I would really like to start doing more graphic design while we’re on the road. Here is a list of services I can provide…contact me directly for more information:

  • Logo and business identity packages
  • Business cards
  • Posters and brochures
  • Postcards and other advertising
  • Birth announcements/Moving announcements
  • Personalized holiday cards
  • Blog headers

If you are interested in donating directly to the Live Lightly Tour Fund…you can use Paypal and send donations to

Thank you for all of your support already…we appreciate our readers so much! You make us happy.

*Note for Walk Slowly may be wondering why I would be promoting natural cleaning products when I blog about making your own. :) I love making my own...but I recognize that some people may not like making their own, may not want to make their own, or may not feel like they have time to mess with it. The Shaklee line makes it really easy to go green...and I love being able to offer a great alternative to making your own. Even before we were doing Shaklee...I still bought premade dish soap, laundry soap, and other cleaners that are harder to make. Don't worry...I haven't sold out :) Just wanting to offer lots of alternatives to the nasty, dangerous chemicals that are marketed as cleaning products.

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