Pray for Mauro

Valadao Family
My heart is so heavy right now for one of my very best friends, Rebecca and her family. This week her husband, Mauro, found out that he has a brain tumor that will require immediate surgery. They are unsure if it is cancerous or not...they won't know until they go in. The tumor is in the part of his brain that controls personality, non-verbal motions, and many other critical functions. They also do not have any health insurance.
I wish you could all know this wonderful family...they are so generous and kind and full of life. Mauro and Rebecca run the Capoeira group in Des Moines. This is their livelihood, and they are unsure if Mauro will be able to teach again after the surgery. Bianca, their daughter, is like a sister to Bella. We spent so much time with them when we lived in Des can see some of our fun times in the photos here and here and here. It's so hard for me to be leaving to go on the road right now in this time when they need their friends the most. Please join me in covering them with prayer as they walk down this path.
Our friends in Des Moines are starting to plan fundraisers...not so much to cover the cost of the surgery (which will be huge)...but to help offset the cost of all of the unexpected expenses when someone you love gets sick. My prayer is that those of you who are reading this will give even just a LITTLE bit to help this family. Even a few will all add up and will be such a blessing to them. Sometimes I like to measure things in caramel this week, let's all give up our caramel latte to bless this family.
100% will go to the Valadao family.
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