Update on Mauro's Fundraiser

THANK YOU so much to those of you who have given generously to Rebecca and Mauro! I am blown away by your generosity. To date, we've raised $429.75. I'm going to be cutting them a check in the next couple of days...so there is still time to donate if you were planning to, but haven't yet.


I received an email from Rebecca saying that some of the surgery plans have changed (location, etc), but it will still be happening quickly...I think within a week or two. They also just found out that they don't qualify for any type of financial aid from state or federal government levels. Mauro is originally from Brazil, and he needs to have lived in the U.S. for 10 years in order to qualify for aid, and he has only been here for 3 years. So, they are still looking at paying everything out of pocket.

A prayer for their family...

Jesus...Thank you that you are in control of all things. Nothing happens without your knowledge. We come to you today with heavy hearts and a need for your healing touch. You are the ultimate physician and we know that Mauro is in good hands. We pray that you would bring a deep peace to Rebecca and Mauro, amidst the chaos. Calm them whenever they feel scared. Lift them up when they are falling down. Bring people into their life to bless them and to hold them. Bring sweet Bianca into your arms as her mommy and daddy are dealing with this hard situation. Keep their eyes on you...the author and perfecter of our faith. We know that in you, all things hold together and that you will use this event in their life for GOOD and not for evil. We pray for a miracle Lord...please let Mauro's surgery go as planned and that his health will be restored. In your name we pray...Amen.