Mauro's Update: Heading to Brazil

Last Wednesday, Mauro, Rebecca, and Bianca flew to Brazil to be with Mauro's family until March (they go every year). When they return to the U.S., Mauro will have another MRI and that will determine if the chemo and radiation he just completed were effective in attacking the tumor. Until then, they just wait. Please pray for them during this time of waiting...pray that they will live their lives to the very fullest during their time in Brazil, and that the tumor will be miraculously gone when they return.

Before they left, Rebecca and I were able to spend some much needed "mama time" together. We were able to sit and talk and talk and talk over coffee and tea for hours. I got to hear first hand about these crazy months of hospital visits every day and juggling schedules. A smile spread across her face as she told me about the amazing support they've received from the community and their friends. The best story was how Mauro completed his last radiation treatment, and it just happened to be on the day of the hospital's office party. They celebrated by inviting cancer survivors to their office for the party, and they invited the Capoeira group to come in and do a performance. So, within minutes of his "graduation" from radiation, he was doing back flips in the lobby. He is one strong papa! Bianca and Bella also enjoyed their reunion. I did a quick family photo can see those photos here.

Thank you again for your generous support of this special family. They have said numerous times how much they appreciate your prayers and gifts of money.