Emily Falconbridge Giveaway!

emily camera strap I have been an admirer of Emily Falconbridge's camera straps for quite some time now...and when we stayed with her family in San Diego, I became the proud owner of one! Thanks Emily! :) Her straps are just too cool to pass up...whether you just started taking photos or you've been shooting your entire life, you need one of her straps. Why have a boring factory strap around your neck when you can look fabulous with one of Em's?!

Here is what they look like around the necks some amazing women :)

photographers with em’s strap Tara Whitney | Ali Edwards | Cathy Zielske

Emily generously donated the red and orange strap that you see above for a giveaway on this blog. Yay yay yay! So...all you have to do is come out of lurkerdom and leave me a comment. Any comment. Tell me what you are doing this weekend. Tell me how you found my blog. Tell me your favorite thing about summer...or something that no one would ever guess about you. It's a free for all :)

I will choose the winner at random on July 11. Of course, it would be great if you would tell all the photographers you know about her site as well. Or, buy some extra straps for the photographers in your life. She is constantly updating and posting new and different designs, so be sure to check back often.

Let the giveaway begin...