Etsy: Handmade Goodness

Etsy. You know you love it :) And so do I. Who can resist all the artsy, crafty goodness? I love the fact that you can buy directly from the creative soul who made your item. No middle man. Less waste. More fun. I recently came across Jessica's store (she is also one of my friends and just an all-around fabulous person)...where she is offering a custom "metamorphosis" of your soft baby carrier. This is the coolest thing I've seen...especially if you have an older Ergo like I do. Check it out. She also has adorable tie dye stuff available.

And while we're talking Etsy, here are some of my favorite stores:

ChopstixWaits Coolest stuff ever. She did a custom wrap skirt for me that I's just like Em's seen here.

Enchanted Gypsy Felted wool pregnant and nursing mama figures (and more!). SO FUN.

Em Falconbridge Art, camera straps, and other creative goodies. We love Em.

One Love Creations Can I love her tube tank dresses any more?! Lots of cool stuff. Arliaflower Fun dread wraps and neat clothes.

Rebecca Tolk Photography Great art.

Palmetto Handmade This is the store of my dear friend, Kristi. I'm in love with her "verse purse".

OneBlackBird Be sure to check out her "glow bowls".

Fields of Joy My friend, Emilee. Love her stuff.

Boulevard Designs This is the store of my lovely friend Sarah...owner of Wallypop. She makes amazing cloth diapers, and other fun stuff. Check out the felted wool bowls!

Olive Fun, unique pillows!

Lisa Hurwitz Could these paintings be any more adorable? Everyone needs one in their house.

So those are mine...who are your favorite sellers on Etsy? Feel free to shamelessly promote your own goods as well. :)