A Sneak Peak...

Here is a little sneak peak of the work we've done on the house...Matt just built this awesome barn wood bookshelf for me from some scrap wood we received for free. Yay! I LOVE this little cozy corner of our new home...so warm and wonderful. And now that my books are right there, it's perfect for a quick read with a cup of tea. The renovations in this room include the floor (it used to be a 15 year old dirty white linoleum) and the paint. The paint color is Tropical Dream (Purecoat Zero VOC).

It's taken a little over 2 weeks to get the house pretty much done. There still isn't anything up on the walls yet...but it will take a little longer this time because before we left on tour, I got rid of a lot of stuff! My mom and dad (and entire family) are driving out here for Christmas and are bringing the remainder of our home decor items that were stored at their house. I'm so excited! I'll try to post a few photos as we go along, but it might be awhile before it "feels finished".

Thanks so much to all of you who have been blessing me with your holiday cards and photos...it's so wonderful to open up the box to such love! :) Keep 'em coming!

It's been brutally cold here...but we're staying nice and toasty inside around the fire. The nice thing is...we haven't had to turn on the heat even one time, despite the negative temps. Hope you're all staying warm too!

Have a wonderful week before Christmas :)