Easy As Pie: A Resource for Photographers

easy-as-pie Alicia Caine is a homeschooling Christian mother of 4 children under the age of 7...and is also is a photographer friend of mine from Bozeman. She has developed a coaching program for fellow photographers to help them build their business. She is a very talented marketer and is the "pricing guru" (and who out there hasn't struggled over setting prices!?). Here is a description of the new program in her own words:

"I have had the huge privilege of mentoring over 40 photographers in the last year using pricing information that I have accumulated since the start of my business. I developed a program where it could work for any photographer no matter where they were at in their business and where they wanted to go with it. I call it 'common sense pricing' because once you learn it- it just clicks— it makes so much sense! Some people are naturals with these kind of things, while others dread this part of their business. It was my desire to remove the trial and error and give something that would take the pain out of the process."

Today, she is launching her brand new site, Easy As Pie...which offers her methods and ideas in a this simple program. She has agreed to give readers of my blog a $25 discount..making the price of her program and also her blog subscription $153 (PDF Cookbook + Blog Pantry). If you only want the program and not the blog subscription, it's $129. If you are a professional photographer (or aspiring to be)...this is a great investment in your business. Use the code "OneDayOnly" to get the $25 off. This offer is good TODAY ONLY.