Colorado Sunshine

We're going on our third week in Colorado...and although I love the sunshine, I'm definitely feeling ready to get back to my little house in Montana :) The third trimester nesting urges are here in force. Here are some highlights (and a few anti-highlights):

  • The weather has been lovely. Mostly between 50's and mid-70's. Yesterday was so hot in the sun that I got a little pink on the cheeks while sitting at the coffee shop.
  • Bella was really sick for a week, and then I got sick for a week...and we're just now coming out of that. I'm pretty sure mine has turned into a sinus infection. I'm perpetually amazed at the color of snot coming out of my body. Keeps the day exciting. We've been laying pretty low and haven't done much around town because of this.
  • It's been wonderful spending time with my brother, Dan. Yesterday, he and I spent the entire day together while Matt and Bella went skiing with friends. The project that Matt is helping him with is the renovation of a 22,000 sq. foot fraternity house on the campus of CU. He bought it, is remodeling it, and then leasing it back to the fraternity.  Here are some pics of the progress.
  • Time with friends. We had a great time staying with Kris and Natalie the first 2 weeks of our's always great to connect with friends that truly KNOW you and you can just be yourself with. They are some of our dearest friends and we were thankful for that time with them. There was a lot of laughing, kids playing, coffee, watching American Idol, and House. Good times. Here are some pics for ya.
  • Boulder knows how to do food. Our favorite spot is the Brasserie Ten Ten...possibly the most amazing weekend brunch around, on a sun-filled patio. It's just so, so good. I'm still thinking about it and I'm secretly planning on going there again next Sunday. Another fun spot is The Kitchen, which has been dubbed the "greenest restaurant in the West". They really do walk the talk...from running on 100% wind power, to buying local and organic, to the cloth towels in the bathroom. Top that off with crazy delicious food and you'll never want to leave. Know Thai is another fave...right on the Hill, this little place has the best tofu spring rolls in town. Amante Coffee has really yummy stuff...although coffee hasn't been "working" for me this pregnancy, they have some delicious teas. If you are a coffee drinker, they really make the best cup in town.
  • On a more scandalous note, our car has been broken into TWICE within 3 days while parked at our rental condo. The little thieves took about $1500 worth of snowboard gear/electronics, broke our window, CD player, and messed up the dash. So, we've been dealing with that for the past week. Luckily, our renter's insurance covers us worldwide and we were able to replace everything. We only had liability on the car, so the bodily damage wasn't covered. However, I have an amazingly resourceful husband who found replacement parts for everything at a junkyard in Denver and replaced everything himself...saving us hundreds of dollars in repair. We've since added comprehensive coverage :)
  • All things pregnancy are going well...I am 29 weeks now and the babe is moving around like crazy! I've found a chiropractor in Boulder that I'm going to see this week...along with a good yoga studio. Speaking of yoga...I'm excited because this weekend I'm going to Denver to take a prenatal yoga instructor course. I'm looking forward to teaching other women the benefits of yoga in pregnancy ... it's been a life saver for me!
  • I think that's about it. Hope you're having a lovely day...wherever you are!