Miracle Boy

The joy on our faces in the above photo comes after a long week of unknowns and emotions.

On Tuesday, April 14, my little brother Scotty was in a serious accident on the site of the frat house that my brother owns and is remodeling in Boulder. The ladder that he was setting up fell back against the main power line to the house and he was electrocuted. He was airlifted to the burn unit ICU in Denver and was unconscious for most of the first day. We were so thankful that Matt was in Boulder at the time working on the house as well and was able to be by his side the entire time and give us updates. By that evening, our entire family had flown into Denver from our various points in the globe (literally...my brother Dan had to fly in from London!) to be with Scotty at the hospital.

It truly is a miracle that we are celebrating today and not mourning the loss of a sibling and son. The number of prayers that went up for him will never be known, but we can only guess from Facebook, blogs, calls, and such that it was in the many, many of thousands. He is now on his way to a full recovery. Last night was his first skin graft surgery for his foot (the exit point for the electricity) and he will have one more in about 3 weeks. The doctors don't expect any lasting long term effects. We believe in the power of God and the power of prayer...and when the nurses in the burn unit call them their "miracle boy"...we know how blessed we are to have him still here.

Here is the article from the Daily Camera and the photos I've taken this week.