A Time of Waiting

sara-37-weeksPhoto credit: Alicia Caine Photography

Today is the 40 week mark of my pregnancy...otherwise known as the "due date". Of course, today has come and gone with no sign of a baby :) I'm in no big hurry to go into labor...although in the last week, I have suddenly felt much MORE pregnant than before and it would be really nice to feel a bit normal again! I had an appointment with Rebecca, my fabulous midwife, this morning and all is well with baby and mama.

It's been a bit of an emotional week for me however...my Grandma passed away in her sleep last Tuesday. The funeral was today...and it was very difficult for me to miss being back in Iowa with the rest of my family. I trust in God's perfect timing though...and He has known from the beginning of time that He would take her home at a time that I couldn't travel to be there. I'm thankful that my mom and dad will still be able to make it to Montana...they are set to arrive tomorrow night.

We've been a busy bunch lately...with the help of my amazing hubby, we have cleaned and organized EVERY cupboard, closet, and crevice in our house. Yay! I love clean. The birth tub is blown up in the bedroom, the belly cast is done, and all of the homebirth "stuff" is in place. Matt has built a sandbox for Bella, installed a new front door, planted peas in our garden, and has indulged every other nesting impulse that I have had :)

In the "craving" area...I have had intense cravings for green stuff. Not green smoothies :) Green plants! As in houseplants. I've been collecting new houseplants this week and my soul is happy with them around. My friend Emily is my houseplant idol...maybe someday my plant collection will be as cool as hers. So far I have a snake plant, baby tears, a ficus tree, and a few other cool succulents. My mom is bringing me a few more from my grandma's house, so I'm excited for that.

I also have regained the ability in the last few weeks to drink coffee again without feeling sick...yay :) There have been way too many "emergency" runs to our favorite coffee shop for an iced decaf soy caramel latte. Yummo. Must stop that though...if we want to keep paying the bills!

Speaking of food, Mindy (my sweet sister-in-law) planned a fun night out with the girls for me at a delightful restaurant in town called The Emerson Grill. Possibly the best vegetarian food I've had in a long time! It was a fun night...you can see a few of the pics here.

My lovely friend, Alicia, is taking care of all of my photography needs for pregnancy, birth, and beyond :) We did a really fun maternity session at an old mill in Bozeman. You can see those photos in her gallery (go to "Past Sessions" and then "Family" and you'll find them). It was really important to me that we capture our little family of THREE in photos before adding another little one. Five years is a long time to be together :) Alicia did such a great job...espeically with Bella. Love them. She is also going to be at the birth and will do newborn photos as well. Thank you Alicia for the photo love...you're the best.

So there is the update. I wanted to make sure I checked in with you all...just in case you don't hear from me for awhile! :) I have so many blog ideas and posts written in my head, but they will have to wait until I have a little more energy and time! I will post a birth announcement soon :)