Be Present

My friend, Andrea, has a great post on her blog today...reminding us to "do the best you can in the time available to you". I've definitely been struggling with getting everything done lately :) And her post reminded me to stay in the moment and to not beat myself up over to-do lists that go untouched for days. I know that I just had a baby...and I'm supposed to take it easy. personality is such that I still want to get it all done. Birth story, birth photos edited, freelance projects that were started pre-Lucy, Cold Stone work I have so many blogs I have been writing "in my head" that I just don't have hours and hours to sit down and write for you! BUT...I will. Please stick with me here :) I promise to post more soon.

I'm learning to re-prioritize my life again. I have demands on my time that weren't there 2 weeks ago and I'm slowly learning to adjust and figure out how to fit it all in without going crazy. NOT fit it in and just be ok with that.

So for all of you who are in the same encouraged. Live in the moment that is RIGHT NOW. Enjoy every smell, every touch, every present in what is going on around you. The to-do list will be there tomorrow :)