Nine Years of True Love


Today marks the NINE year anniversary of my commitment to this amazing man. Everyday I am more in awe of how perfectly we are matched to each other and how God has provided for us so abundantly throughout the years. In the past nine years, we have:

  • Lived in 11 homes
  • Created two little people who look like us
  • Traveled the country and experienced a lot of LIFE in a small period of time
  • Fallen more deeply in love than ever!

And oh how I love him! Let me count the ways:


  • he loves Jesus.
  • ...his passion for leading others in worship.
  • he confidently leads our family.
  • he knows exactly how I like my poached eggs and he has them ready for me in the morning.
  • he is incredibly handy and can truly fix/create anything!
  • ...his obsession with Craigslist...and his "researcher" personality.
  • ...his family (I am a lucky girl to acquire them as my own!)
  • he looks at his girls.
  • seriously he takes the role of "Daddy".
  • ...that he is a true "outdoors/workin' man".
  • ...his love of movies.
  • ...that he enjoys going to garage sales and thrift stores with me.
  • ...listening to him play his guitar.
  • ...that he requests green smoothies and drinks them with pleasure :)
  • ...that he loves to travel.
  • ...feeling our feet touch in the covers as we fall asleep.
  • handsome he is! Woo woo!


...and most of all, I love that he LOVES ME!

Thank you Matt for standing by me and loving me unconditionally...I'm looking forward to 50 more years! Here are a few pics of our special day.