Sweet Minnie Winnie

matt-arrives-from-seattle Look at this cute little RV! It just happened to find it's way into our driveway.  Yes, can you believe it? We have ANOTHER RV! Woooooo! We just couldn't handle traveling in "normal" vehicles. Matt has been scouring the internet for about 6 months and we finally found the one we wanted. A 1983 - 23 foot Class C Winnebago "Minnie Winnie"...located in Seattle. He flew out a couple of weeks ago and drove it back.

It's currently in our backyard, completely gutted. Matt is gearing up to paint this week, followed by new flooring and all the other stuff we like to do to RV's. The 80's green and orange is lovely, but not quite my style. :) Bella is super excited about the bunk over the cab, and I'm excited to be able to travel comfortably again. And of course, Matt loves a good project.

It's sure a cute little thing...I can't wait to show you all the inside when it's done. Oh, and of course it's diesel! We will be converting it to run on veggie oil later this summer. Our first big trip will be a 2 month adventure back to Minnesota and Iowa this summer...and we're dreaming of a West coast road trip next summer. And no...there  are no plans to go back "on the road"! Just some good old fashioned travel in our fancy recreational vehicle.

Here's to happy trails!