Simple Woman's Daybook

I love the simple things in life. Each action, each moment, each sound...they all have significance and meaning. So today's post will be from the Simple Woman's Daybook: Outside my window... Sunshine and a cool breeze. It's only 68 here today.

I am thinking... About cutting up some watermelon. I am thankful for... An amazing husband.

From the kitchen... Lunch was a big salad with all kinds of yumminess.

I am wearing... Yoga pants and a tank top. I never changed after I did my yoga session this morning.

I am creating... A home away from home (our new RV!).

I am going... To travel the country again someday.

I am reading... The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. I am praying... For patience and wisdom in living with and raising a very spirited (and magical) 5 year old.

I am hearing... A magpie outside. We call them the "Evil Triplets"'s a mama birdy and her 2 babies and they terrorize our neighborhood day and night.

Around the house... Lucy is asleep in the Moby. Bella is sick and is watching Horton Hears a Who in her bedroom. There is "evidence of life" all around. :) Matt is working on a job site.

One of my favorite things... Is a clean kitchen.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Bella has soccer tomorrow. Chiropractor appointments on Thursday. La Leche League meeting on Thursday night.  Friday and Sunday photo sessions. We're also looking forward to finishing up the decor inside the RV!

My favorite one in the list is "I am hearing...". There is much to be learned about another's world by finding out what they hear during the day. I love just sitting and dissecting the "noises" around me...there is so much that I miss when I'm not mindful of my surroundings. There is beauty in each sound.  So...what are you hearing right now?