The Update

The Big News from Sara Janssen on Vimeo.

Let me just guys are crazy! I don't know how many emails I have gotten lately begging for the details of our new adventure. You've been trying to guess....

"Is it a boat tour?"

"Is it a plane tour?"

"Is it a bicycle tour?"

"Are you going overseas?"

Nope. None of the above. We are just doing what we love...and that is going ON THE ROAD again (you gotta love Willie). After Lucy was born, we knew right away that we wanted to get back out there on the open road. Living life. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Learning. Growing.

We've different now. The road has changed us. Our priorities are different and we've realized that our traveling life just wasn't over yet. When we bought the Minnie Winnie, we truly thought that we would just be using it for weekend getaways and for traveling to see family. But, as soon as we got back out there, it just felt like us. It was good. We missed it.

However, the Winnie was a bit small for full-time livin'. So, we sold the Winnie and went back to a motorhome. This time, it's a 2000 Alpine Coach (40 foot). The same exact one as our last RV, but 2 years newer and 4 feet longer. Just enough extra length for Matt to build bunk beds for the girls. We'll be remodeling it back in Bozeman while we gather our belongings and sell/give away the rest.

Right now, we're still in Des Moines...and will soon be heading to various locations in Nebraska, Colorado, and then back to Bozeman. We'll be back for a few weeks and then will head west to Eugene, OR to convert the RV to veggie oil at Green Eye. After that, our plan is loose, but we're thinking California through January. Then Arizona and Texas throughout the winter, the east coast in the spring, and then back to the Midwest in the summer. We will most likely be offering a "buffet" of services as we travel through different cities.

  • Photography
  • RV or home remodeling
  • Raw food consultation / speaking
  • Veggie oil conversion services

We won't be doing any public demos, etc. like we did the first time around...and we will hopefully be traveling at a slower pace!

You may be a bit confused because you know we love Bozeman so much and have a cute little house with great neighbors and great friends, etc. etc. And that is all true. This wasn't an easy decision by any means. There is great comfort in stability and living life in one spot. We went back and forth. But after much prayer, finally decided to take a step of faith and as soon as we did that...all of the pieces started falling into place perfectly. We just kept praying, and God kept answering. It's been a fun's quite an adventure when God is at the wheel!

What we have realized is that we need to live our life NOW. We don't want to wait until we are retired to travel again. This past year has changed our perspective greatly...we lost my grandma and we nearly lost my brother in his accident. Family is super important to us and by having a home on wheels, we are able to see them more often. We are extremely blessed with jobs that enable us to travel...but that could all change tomorrow if one of us got hurt or sick. We can ALWAYS settle down...but we might not always be able to travel. Life is short!

I think this quote sums it up perfectly:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

So...once again we are sailing away from our "safe harbor"... with the goal of experiencing new things, meeting new people, and encouraging others to take that little step toward their own dream...whatever it may be!

And yes, I will be writing a blog about our new will take a little while to get it up and running so bear with me during this time of transition. I know this blog has been a bit quiet lately except for RV announcements...but now you know why :) I have a really GREAT giveaway and a blog about yoga coming soon. Have a fabulous weekend!