One Love Creations and Indigo Inspired Giveaway

oneloveindigo_giveaway Yippee! We've come to the last giveaway of my "Magical Month of Giveways!". Although...I do have several others up my sleeve for January, so the fun isn't over quite yet :)

I'm so excited about this one. This week is a DOUBLE giveaway featuring clothing designed by Bethany at One Love Creations and Gillian at Indigo Inspired. We spent several weeks in Eugene getting our new RV converted to run on veggie oil, and while we were there, I had the blessing of spending lots of time with the mamas that run these stores. They each have their own Etsy stores and their own unique lines of clothing, but they work together to dye them. When Bethany gave me one of her pieces for my birthday, I just knew I had to ask if they would do a giveaway because I fell IN LOVE with the clothes and I knew you would too!

All of their beautiful pieces are:

  • Certified Organic Hemp + Cotton blend...with the perfect stretch!
  • Dyed by hand with environmentally friendly dyes
  • Custom designed
  • Handmade with love

If you've never had any hemp clothing is your chance to try it out. I LOVE how hemp soft and cozy (and yet sturdy too!). I also thought it would be fun for you to get to know Bethany and Gillian I asked them to introduce themselves to you and say a little about their clothing.

Bethany / One Love Creations:

Bethy Mama"I grew up in a very large, very crafty family. My mother sewed and although I didn't exactly take lessons from her, I learned a great deal from watching her for all those years. I have always greatly valued handmade goods. About two years ago, I started working with organic and sustainable materials.  I wanted to offer people the choice to buy clothing that would support a small family, have minimal impact on the earth, and have clothes made with care. I  choose my designs based off natural fashion and cute styles that i believe are versatile for all ages. I enjoy sewing because I get to spend more time with my children and husband at home and I get a sense of fulfillment when others find joy in my efforts."

Gillian / Indigo Inspired:

Jillian and Indigo"I am an integrity minded single mama...stitching away every chance I get. Consistently devoted to creating beautiful and flattering clothing made with sustainable fabrics. I have been divinely inspired to create clothing for the last twelve years. Every seam is a focus of perfection.  I strive to live sustainably with my every action. Working with organic and hemp fibers helps reduce the pollution of our earth. Supporting small businesses is yet another step to debunking the mass culture craze of cheap slave labor produced products. It's the little spurts of kindness we show in this world that can make the biggest difference. My work is inspired by my beautiful son, Indigo Leonel, and the sacred light within us all." you're just dying to know what the giveaway is for, right? :) Drum roll please...

Bethany will be giving away one "Bella Top", and Gillian will be giving away one "Winter Sol Sistre Sweatshirt" (both pictured above). Wooo! These are such beautiful fact, I have the Bella and I'm waiting for my Sol Sistre right now (along with several other pieces that I traded photography sessions for...can't wait!).

On top of that, they are offering a discount to my blog readers. The discount is 18% off any purchases, and it expires on December 24. They will refund the discount difference to your Paypal account after you pay. Just enter the code "WSLW" in the comment section along with your size and color choices.

I will be choosing 2 winners at for each piece. The drawing will take place on Monday, December 21. To enter in this drawing:

  • Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite piece from each of their stores.
  • For an extra entry, put a link back to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter (and then do a second comment here that says “FB/Twitter”)
  • You will get yet ANOTHER entry for posting about this giveaway on your own blog (add another comment here that says "blogged here" with a link).

Have fun!