December Photo Project ::: 12.24.09


Snow is lightly falling outside...creating a blanket of white as far as the eye can see. It's beautiful. I am with my family, in a warm house, with lots of food...and lots of love. I am blessed. And thankful.

This morning, we awoke at 3:45am in Omaha and headed to the airport with the expectation that we would be in Bozeman tonight to surprise Matt's family for Christmas. But God had other plans. Our connecting flight in Minneapolis was canceled and we had to make a quick decision between possibly being stranded in Minneapolis or driving back to Des Moines to spend Christmas with my family. We chose to come guarantee we would be with family. It appears that our flights actually went out...but we had no way of knowing that at the time. Needless to say, today has been a very long day. But God is good, and He is always in control. We trust that there was a reason why we couldn't be there this Christmas.

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve service at church heart was full, thinking of the love Jesus showed us by coming to earth. Tomorrow we celebrate and remember that amazing gift. Merry Christmas Eve my friends!