Lisa Leonard Jewelry Winners!

We had 421 entries for the Lisa Leonard gift guys really love her work!! Isn't her jewelry amazing? And the winner trend continues...someone I know in real life is one of the winners! I guess I've just met so many of you on our travels that it's not so random anymore! :)

Drumroll please...

Comment #123: Christina I love her jewelry! My fav is the laundry line necklace.

Comment #292: Laura I like the open circle necklace. Yours is lovely. How sweet is it that Lucy likes to play with it!

*I just spent time in San Francisco with Laura doing a photo session of her daughters.

Congratulations to Christina and will each receive a $50 gift certificate for Lisa Leonard's jewelry. Enjoy!! The discount code will continue until be sure to go to her site and order your favorite piece! You can get 15% off your order (use the code “walkslowly”).

This weekend we are in Minneapolis spending time with my entire family...our last hoorah before we fly back to L.A. on Monday. Let me just say that I am looking forward to the sunshine! I love you Midwest, but you're just too cold and snowy for this girl. Have a great weekend everyone!

xxoo sara