The 12 Project ::: Month 1

We did it! Our first installment of The 12 Project. We've been enjoying our time in Vegas...every time we've been here before, we have flown in for business and taken taxis everywhere. This time, we have our own car, so we are exploring the "real" side of Vegas and not just the strip.

The mountains are beautiful and the weather is warm. We are living downtown and there is a Thai restaurant 4 blocks away with such huge portions that we only need 2 orders of pad thai to feed everyone. I've also heard there there is a Thai restaurant here that is the "best in North America". You KNOW I'll be checking that one out!

Bella can't get over all of the twinkling lights downtown and on the strip. She loves it...and always wants to drive around at night. Luckily, we can see many of them from our front window!

Our neighbors are the cutest couple from Canada...Lois and David and their dog Barney. The family we are working with here are also unschoolers and we've enjoyed hanging out with them. We love life on the road.

Post a link to YOUR month 1 family photo in the comment section! I'd love to see everyone.