Rock Your Camera

clickin' Moms In my most recent photography post, I gave you a link for Clickin' Moms...a new forum that I discovered. I've come to really LOVE it. It's a wonderful site for those who are just figuring out how to use their well as professional photographers. They have tutorials, giveaways, places where you can post for critique, etc. Many of you write to me asking questions about your photography business...and there is a great forum dedicated specifically for that. I've found it very helpful. There is such a talented pool of women much fun to read. Be careful's addicting!

Right now, they are running a contest for their affiliates, so if enough of you sign up...I can win some yummy prizes! (I really want that 5D Mark II...but even the Starbucks gift card would make my day). The links in this post are embedded with my afilliate no need to enter anything. Just click here and sign up.

Disclaimer: I am trying out some new affiliate programs/sponsorships. Please know that I will only endorse things that I really adore and have actually used. By signing up and/or using these products, you help our family in our mission to inspire others on the road. Every little bit of income helps...I appreciate your love and support so much!!