The 12 Project ::: Month 3

Photo credit: Mike Hedge / Jumping Book

Happenings in Month 3:

We are happily settled at Hill Shade RV Park in Texas...and enjoying every minute. Just tonight I was thinking how much I will miss the peacefulness of the countryside when we leave here. I love watching the cows graze just a few feet away from the RV as I read in my hammock chair. It's quite lovely.

We are far away from things we used to take for shops, Thai food, and kale. :) The nearest big city is Austin (or San Antonio)..we're about an hour from each.  We are getting more accustomed to the drive..although sometimes I do wish we were a BIT closer.

We have been hanging out with some amazing families here. Read about them in detail over at Happy Janssens. I haven't blogged about Mike Hedge yet, but will soon. He is the fabulous photographer (and just a super fun person in general) who took the "Jump Shot" above. He is on a cross-country tour right now taking photos for his "Jumping Book". Be sure to check it out! We met Mike through Tiffani....I love the intermingling of friendships on the road.

I blogged about starting to run again...and that has been a blast. I'm having such run gallivanting around the countryside. I feel more energized already and I'm sleeping better. I'm LOVING the FiveFingers too. I never want to put on normal shoes anymore...they are quite addicting.  I'm reading Born To Run right now and it's just starting to get good...I love it.

Matt has been keeping busy finding RV's for people, doing some projects at the RV park, taking care of the girls when I'm working, and just being an amazing husband and daddy in general.

Bella has had a great month and is loving playing with the kids here at Hill Shade. Her birthday is in 2 days, so we are gearing up for that.

Lucy is working on her 6th tooth now! She has 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. She changes EVERY day. It's such a blessing to watch her interact with Bella...they actually "play" with each other now and it's a hoot. Her little personality is so vibrant.

My parents are here right now and that has been super fun. I love my family. Lots of photos coming soon.

We are getting excited to head back to the midwest for the much to love there.