Rainbows of Living Color

I've written in the past about contentment and wanting and living a life without complaining. It's a theme that comes up in my heart over and over. And that's because I haven't quite mastered it yet.

The attitude of my heart ebbs and flows in direct proportion to the amount of time I spend in connection with Jesus. When I hear myself complaining, feel discontentment, or when I feel any sort of fear starts to creep into my mind, I know something needs to change in my walk with Him. After examining my life, it's usually pretty easy to determine what has crept in and stolen my heart away from Him. It could be idol time spent online or time spent pursuing passions. But whatever it is, I have to work diligently to re-focus and re-connect.

One way that I reconnect is to listen to and sing worship music. I've been listening to Jesus Culture a lot lately (thanks Steph!)...and one of my favorite songs they perform is "Revelation Song". Every time I hear it, I come into a place of longing to know Jesus more. I will often pray and journal as I listen...writing down the lyrics that really melt into my heart. Today I wrote...

Filled with wonder, Awestruck wonder At the mention of Your Name Jesus, Your Name is Power Breath, and Living Water Such a marvelous mystery

Clothed in rainbows, of living color Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder Blessing and honor, strength and Glory and power be To You the Only Wise King...
Even just mentioning His name is powerful. If you are at a point where you don't know where else to turn or what to do, just speaking His name aloud will bring peace. He is a living, amazing God. Jesus IS the ONLY Wise King. And as I hear those words, I am reminded that He is wise BEYOND MEASURE. I can trust Him. I can rest in Him. Regardless of what my heart feels, I can still choose to place my focus on those rainbows of living color that he wraps around me.

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