Superhooper Giveaway!

Who wants to hoop!? Woop woop!!

Superhooper is giving away a day hoop from their amazing collection to one lucky winner! If you read yesterday's post and thought,"I can do that!"...then you need to enter this giveaway. If you read yesterday's post and thought, "There is no way can I ever do that!"...then you need to enter this giveaway. Even if you've never thought about hooping, you need to start now. It will change your life!

Why Superhooper? With so many places that you could choose to buy a hoop...why choose Superhooper? Superhooper was founded by Lara Eastburn and her business partner, Barry Clement in 2002. She taught classes and performed in the Atlanta area up until Oct. 2009, and then her family hit the road (I like where this story is going :) ).

She and her family (husband, Drew and daughter, Navi) are traveling the country in a veggie-oil bus teaching free hoop classes! You can imagine my excitement when I found a fellow veggie oil mama who likes to hoop :) And of course, I want to support their efforts in any way I can.  They are doing a great thing!

Click here for their can also put in a request for your city! Here is brief overview of why they are offering these awesome classes...

In towns all across America, hoopers are learning this new movement art from YouTube videos and instructional DVDs. It is our mission over the next 18 months (maybe more!) to travel to towns where there is little to no live hooping and/or fire safety instruction, bringing hooping to your back yards, parks, and studios. We will help you get started, or master that one difficult move, introduce you safely to fire, or help you start a hoop group in your area. You'll be amazed at what you can do in a hoop!

Lara and her crew have been making hoops for 6 years, and one of their specialties is the LED (light up) hoop. Soon I will be the proud owner of a blue-green binary LED hoop! Oh my...I am excited. I'll be hoopin' all through the night. I'm also going to be trying out some of their mini poi hoops as well. Check out Lara's write up about minis and the video's great!

Lara is offering a sweet deal for my blog readers too! When you purchase the SuperGrip Classic Hoop, you can upgrade to the SuperGrip Alpha -OR- the SuperGrip Omega for FREE. Just include the words "Walk Slowly" in the comments section and specify your choice when you check out. This offer is good through May 17, 2010.

See the inside of their sweet bus here. And be sure to check out Lara's fabulous blog, Hooposophy. I've really enjoyed her perspective and thoughtful writing.

The giveaway will take place on Monday, May 10 at 12:00 p.m. CST. Spread the word...hooping is delightful!

Here is how you can enter:

  • Click on over to Superhooper and look at the pretty hoops.
  • Leave a comment below with your favorite hoop and colors you would pick (I love the SuperGrip Alpha with blue/green!)
  • For an extra entries, put a link back to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter (and then do a second/third comment here that says “FB/Twitter”) Here is some sample wording for posting: "I just entered the Superhooper giveaway on Walk Slowly, Live Wildly! Come check it out!" For Twitter, add the hashtag #hooping.
  • Add another entry for becoming a "fan" of the Superhooper Facebook page or "Follow" them on Twitter.
  • You will get yet ANOTHER entry for posting about this giveaway on your own blog (add another comment here that says “blogged here” with a link).

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