The 12 Project ::: Month 5

Photo taken at the Des Moines Farmer's Market

Happenings in Month 5:

  • The NuRVers Rally went on and on and on...many of the attendees stayed weeks after the rally was over, so we enjoyed continued potlucks and fun. Matt kept busy with an RV remodel job and he fixed our generator and other mechanical issues that we were having. Bella continued to play and play and play with all the kids.
  • We left Hillshade after teary goodbyes and headed north New Braunfels to spend more time with friends there. And then we went on to Austin to spend several days at Pecan Grove, one of our favorite RV parks in the heart of the city. We hung out with old friends and new, and I got to have a hooping lesson!
  • It was finally time to head "home". We pointed the RV north and started toward Iowa.
  • We stopped in Dallas for 3 days and had a BLAST with friends there...eating, hooping, and laughing.
  • Finally arrived in Des Moines where we did our usual favorite things: coffee, farmer's market, friends, fun, hooping, Thai food...good times. My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary while we were there. Amazing!
  • Lucy is almost walking...she has taken 2 steps so far and is changing every day. Her 1st birthday is on Saturday!
  • Bella cut her bangs. By herself. She's an adorable little pixie now :) I actually think they look pretty cute. I tried not to *gasp* too loud when she showed me. She also has another loose tooth.
  • We are now in the Minneapolis area for Memorial Day weekend with my wonderful to be together again. On Monday we will head north to be with Matt's family.

Whew! It's been a whirlwind of a month. Looking forward to a little down time around the lake for the next couple of weeks.