10 Years of Wedded Bliss

I remember waking up on this day exactly 10 years ago and being so full of excitement. All of our friends and family had come up to northern Minnesota to celebrate the commitment Matt and I were about to make. The food was ready. The church was being decorated. I felt amazing.

The day went off without a hitch. I still remember the feeling I had as the doors opened, and the music swelled...my daddy holding my arm as he walked me down the aisle.

There was such hope and anticipation in that day, for the weeks ahead, and for our lives together. I look at this photo of us and remember the giddy feelings we had when we were together in those early days...and we still feel that way! We've experienced more life TOGETHER than many couples do in a lifetime. I am so thankful for my sweet Matthew and on this day, we celebrate 10 years of bliss together.

Our friends thought we were crazy when we told them we were getting married after knowing each other for one month. We were crazy then, and we're STILL crazy. Love you!

Photos from our wedding day here.