Life Inspired


Life moves fast. And when you're not intentionally slowing down and really SEEING every will miss something! With this in mind, every day for the past week my dear friend Alicia and I have been documenting our daily life (morning and evening) and sending them to each other via iPhone.

*holding hands


It has been such a sweet way for us to connect and feel closer to each other even when we're miles apart. When I see her photos come in for the day, I am GIDDY with excitement! It's been so fun to see each others lives in this way and it causes us to be mindful about catching all the little moments...our life "inspired". Be sure to keep an eye on her blog as well...she'll be posting some of her images too (and they're amazing!).


I will be sharing more of these photos with you...because they make me happy! And, more importantly...I am sharing them because I am trying to turn over a new leaf. Imperfect, pressure free blogging :)


I've blogged before about how much I LOVE "phone photography"...and the gritty, unedited glimpses into life that they provide. I don't have time right now to edit lots of photos, but I can do this! It takes me moments instead of hours...awesome.

I still love my "fancy" camera...but at this season of life, I'm loving the on-the-go, compact accessibility of my iPhone camera. I've never been a big scrapbooker/record keeper, but I do that with my photos. And someday, I will make a book of all of these photos for my kiddos to treasure.

I am also starting a Flickr group called Life Inspired and I would love if you would add photos of your own. See you there!

**apps used: ShakeItPhoto Hipstamatic