The 12 Project ::: Month 6

Happenings in Month 6:

  • We spent the first couple of weeks of June in Brainerd, MN with Grandma and Grandpa. We ate together, laughed together, froze together. was COOOOOLD in northern Minnesota. It was a big change from Texas. We hooped a lot while we were there...and took advantage of their beautiful lakefront property and the big green yard! We even had a hoop party! Leaving was really hard on Bella this time...she made so many special memories and had such a great time. Lots of photos here.
  • We trekked across the Midwest to Colorado...stopping to see old friends and doing a photo shoot along the way.
  • Life changed a bit for us as Matt started to work full time for my brother in Boulder (overseeing his real estate projects). Daddy was no longer home (and still isn't) home all day, so we had some adjusting to do! It's been 4 years since he worked a "regular schedule" it's strange to say goodbye in the morning.
  • My mom flew out and stayed for 11 days and my dad drove out and stayed 6. We had TONS of fun...lots of coffee, campfires (when we weren't blowing away) and sweet memories. We all cried when they left.
  • Lucy is now RUNNING's hard to keep up with her! She has found her independence and it's all very exciting. A whole new world has been opened up for her. She loves taking rides in the bike trailer (but not for too long!). She says "hi", "daddy", "mama", "doggy"...and she likes to shrug her shoulders. If you interrupt her during something that she is really interested in, she will head butt you and smack you in the face. She's a sweet girly girl. ;-) Her favorite places to hang out: on the dash of the RV, in the shower (even when there is no water running), and inside drawers.
  • Bella is losing teeth right and left...she has now lost 5 teeth. Four on the bottom, and one on the top. She's adorable. Whenever we arrive at a new campground, she is immediately on the prowl for new friends. It's like she can SMELL kids her own age...she knows they are there before we even see them. She loves to sing and dance...and when she gets a song in her head, watch out. You're going to hear it for DAYS on end. Her favorite thing right now is to "play store", "play hotel", "play coffeeshop", etc. She unloads the pantry onto the dash so she can go shopping. I love seeing the world through her eyes.

We're still in Colorado and will be for another couple of weeks. We are thoroughly enjoying the beauty of the mountains and being with friends and family!