Cruiser Love Affair

I've always loved bicycle culture. In fact, I've already blogged about it here. But I didn't know how MUCH I would love riding a cruiser. I had a mountain bike for 10 years and I REALLY did not like riding it. It was uncomfortable and cumbersome with all the gears. So in April, we finally found a really nice cruiser on Craigslist (Giant "Simple" Cruiser) and my love affair began again.

My only way of transportation lately has been my bike, because Matt has had the truck at work for the last couple of months. If I wanted to go anywhere, it was either walking or biking. Bella, Lucy, and I have enjoyed touring Golden together. When my parents came to visit, we rented bikes so that we could all bike together. Those are beautiful memories that we will have forever! Such fun.

I love the simplicity of the single speed. Even with a 50 lb Burley trailer, it's great (unless I'm going straight uphill!). There is nothing better than jumping on my cruiser, parking it at the cafe, and sitting outside to sip my steamy latte. I think I was supposed to be born European. I've been occasionally riding to the coffee shop after Matt gets home to do some work and I just adore riding at night when no one is out and I have the street all to myself. Bliss.

I recently realized that I have now spent more money on accessories for my cruiser than on the cruiser itself. :) But OH! I love it so. I had a custom Betty Basket Liner made, and got a delicious seat that I've been dreaming of since I saw it on a cruiser in Bozeman 2 years ago. And I can't forget my little ding bell. *ding ding*

There is something about photos of cruiser bikes...I get so happy when I see them! So my request is that you post links to photos of you with your cruisers. Or links to photos of ANY cruiser! *love*

I also want you to tell me your favorite "bikeable" towns in the U.S. I want to go there!