Let's Go Barefoot!

I'm always surprised when someone tells me they have never heard of Barefoot Books! They are so beautifully written and illustrated...and I absolutely adore them. I actually had several Barefoot Books in my collection before I was familiar with them...all I knew is that they were my favorite :) So when my friend Erin approached me about selling them to make some extra income...I was intrigued.

We love reading in our house...and nothing makes my heart melt more than when my girls crawl up onto my lap with a book in hand. It's magical. But Barefoot Books make it even more magical!

Our income on the road comes from many sources, and I'm hoping this one will add to the mix nicely. If you enjoy reading my blogs and have some books/gifts to buy...please support my business by buying Barefoot Books. I promise you will love adding them to your collection!

One last thing, if you love books too and you're interested in earning extra money from home, be sure to check out the Ambassador program!

Have fun checking out the store! So much goodness...