An Empty Canvas: The Bag Project

I love my computer bag...but it's seriously lacking in color and "flair". I was looking at it the other day, and I had a crazy thought.

"What if my amazing blog readers sent me patches and we made it a collaborative project?!"

That way, every time I look at it...I will think of you! Every time I take it in public, I can tell people about our fun project!

If you want to participate:

  • Choose a patch. It could be representative of your state or an organization that you love. Or it could be totally random. You decide!
  • Send it to me at our mail collection box: Sara Janssen / 103 Rainbow Dr. #340 / Livingston, TX 77399
  • Leave a comment that you've sent it so I know how many to expect.
  • Please send it by November 15. I will get them sewn on and post a photo of it finished!

Yay! I'm excited.